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Special Projects & Initiatives

Special Projects and Initiatives include short term grants and projects undertaken by the Divisions and Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living.

  • DS "Imagine the Future" Task Force
    This page is devoted to providing members of the Task Force and the many other people interested in developmental disabilities throughout Vermont with communication, resources, and news related to the work of this group.
  • Money Follows the Person
    Money Follows the Person (MFP) is a five-year federally-funded demonstration project for Vermont’s Long-term Medicaid Choices for Care program. The statewide program helps people living in nursing facilities move into their communities with the supports they need. Transition funds, up to $2,500, helps provide items and services not covered by Medicaid.
  • Vermont Work Incentives Initiative (VWII)
    The Vermont Work Incentives Initiative (VWII) helps Vermonters with disabilities make sense of public benefits and supports, so they can use them as a springboard for success in the world of competitive employment. VWII is actually several interrelated projects, held together by their common goal of maximizing the use of work incentives to benefit Vermonters with disabilities.
  • Vermont Health Care Innovation Project (VHCIP)
    On February 21, 2013, Vermont was notified of award of a $45 million State Innovation Model (SIM) grant from the federal government. This grant will fund activities inside and outside of state government over the next four years to expand and integrate innovative health care provider payment and health information technology that supports more effective and efficient care delivery. Vermont has named the project that will utilize the SIM grant funds the Vermont Health Care Innovation Project (VHCIP).
      The VHCIP has many Work Groups. One of these is the Disability and Long Term Services and Supports Work Group. Additional information on this work group can be found on this page also.


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